Our mission is to help prevent
the spread of disease around the world

THE target

Pathogens that can attack through facial mucus membranes

Rhinovirus (cold)
Chicken pox
Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Influenza (flu)
E. coli
+ Many More

Our Story

The Immutouch Band was created by Joseph Toles, Justin Ith, and Matthew Toles as one small part of a global effort to contain the 2019 coronavirus pandemic. We're three friends who originally met in college and have been building wearable products for the past three years. Technology in the Immutouch Band is derived from our other project, the Slightly Robot Bracelet for compulsive hair pulling, skin picking, and nail biting.

If you like our work and want to support us, feel free to buy us a coffee! As a Seattle based team, we love our coffee ☕ If you feel like you could support us in other ways, please reach out to our email: [email protected]