Frequently Asked Questions

Need help setting up your existing Immutouch band? Go to our setup instructions
Yes! Please be aware that due to COVID-19, United States Postal Service has suspended mail service to several countries. If you place an order to one of these countries, your order will be delayed until service resumes, during which time you will be able to cancel your order at no cost.
You don't need two bands, but having bands on each hand increases the efficacy of alerting you whenever you touch your face. Putting one band on your dominant hand will alert when that one hand touches your face, which is more effective than no alerting.
Yes! We have apps in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

We are a one size fits all band. The band is 27.8cm long. The metal housing of the band is (H) 1.0cm x (W) 1.8cm x (L) 3.8cm.

As for whether or not the band fits children, it depends on the size of your child's wrist. If your child's wrist is at least 3.8cm wide, then it should fit when pulled to the last hole on the strap. What we suggest is that if you order one and it doesn't fit, you can always return free of cost.

The effectiveness of Immutouch has two parts, (1) can it detect when a child touches their face, and (2) will the child therefore stop touching their face and build a habit not to touch their face.

For the first point, yes, Immutouch can detect when a child touches their face. But for the second point, it comes down to if you think your child would deliberately stop touching their face at the onset of a vibration. If you think they will, then Immutouch will be effective for your child. But if you think they would just ignore the vibration, then this product won't be effective.

Yes, the wristband will keep vibrating while your hand is on your face. It will stop vibrating afterwards.
Parts are gathered from around the world and assembled in Seattle, Washington, USA. All units are shipped from Seattle.
You only need a smartphone for setup. After that you can use Immutouch anywhere.
Not at this time. Most smartwatches don't allow developers to read the neccesary data all day and in a battery effcient manner. We hope that smartwatches will develop to enable teams like ours to create this service.
Check our setup instructions and the common issues people face when calibrating your band: Setup Instructions